Name:48 cores Slidable Patch Panel
Type:Fixed, Sliding
Fiber Type:8/12/24/48/72/96/144 cores
Splicer Tray:None, 12cores, 24cores
Color:Black, White, Grey
Assemble:None, with Adaptor, with Adaptor and Pigtail

Product Description

Slidable fiber optic patch panel provides efficient cable connections between outside plant cables and equipment inside the buildings and communications facilities.
Box integrates fiber splicing, storage and cable connections together in a unit. They can manage both bundle type and ribbon type fiber cables. It is with large working space to integrate the pigtail, cables and adapters for fiber management.
This slidable type fiber optic distribution frame is standard 19 inch design, cold-roll steel box, can be slided out, with transparent front cover & metal rear cover, applicable for existing systems.There are two woking spaces, one is for adapters, the other is for splice trays. Each splice tray can be slided out.

Performance Feature:

Cold-roll steel, electrostatic painting
White ABS plastic tray inside, 24cores per tray; each tray in one drawer, can be slided out.
Different adapter plate available: FC, SC, LC, ST…
Two working spaces: one is for adapters, the other is for splice trays.
Slide out drawer for easy cable management
Suitable for 19’’ standard optic distribution cabinets
With transparent front cover, easy to observe.
Rear cover can be opened, convenient for cable management.
Cable entry ports suitable for single fiber, bundle & ribbon fiber cables
Reasonable design ensures the cables are in good order
Rack mouted type, indoor using;
White, black, grey … color painting optional

12, 24, 48, 96 … capacity customised

Order Information:



Mainly used for cable inlet and fixing

fiber splicing and protecting

pigtail storage

patch cord storage, connection and use management between wiring closets and equipments.

Applicable to Telecommunications, Fiber to the home (FTTH), LAN / WAN, CATV ect. System projects.


Operating temperature: -5~+40℃
Relative humidity: ≤85%(+30℃)
Atmospheric pressure:70~-106Kpa
Durability: >1000 times
Standard working wavelength: 850nm, 1310nm, 1550nm