Company purpose


For better future network,For better futrue easy life.


Company mission:


Focus on scientific and technological innovation, Provide the customized solutions to customers’demands, Create values for customers, and share the glorious prospects together.


Core values:

1.Self-criticism: As long as we keep in self - criticism,  we can listening, and continue to exceeding what we had, so that  we pay more respects to others and cooperate with others, then achieve the goal of Win-win between customers and our company.


2.Sincere and trustworthy: In order to establish a good relationship with customers. We will always promise the commitments to the customers .Keep promises is the moral criterion of Iflytel,it is also the most important intangible assets to us.


3. Proactive and agressive: In order to meet customers’ demands, we are proactively and aggressively to make innovation and contribution in this feild.  We believe that any advanced ideas, technology products, solutions and management methods, can became the “values” when they were transformed into real business success. Customer oriention can lead us to explore the spirit of innovation into practical action, so as to provide customers with innovative products.


4.Teamwork: Teamwork is not only the spirit of cross culture group collaboration, but also a strong guarantee to break the wall and improve the efficiency of the process.


5.Customer services: customer service is the only reason for the existence of the us, the customer's demand is the original power of the development of Iflytel. We insist the sprite of customer orientation, quick response to customers’ needs, and continue to create value for customers. To support customers with effective services, is the direction of us ,customers’ success is our success.