Name:Plastic FTTH Terminal Box
Material:Plastic, Metal
Fiber number:8/12/24 cores
Splicer Tray:None, 12cores, 24cores
Color:Black, White
Assemble:None, with Adaptor, with Adaptor and Pigtail

Product Description

 The pastic fiber optic terminal box is suitable for optical fiber splitting/splicing using. It is reasonable design for fiber arrangement, and its bend radius is more than 30mm.


Performance Features:

Industry Standard User Interface, be made of ABS plastic.

Can accommodate 1x4,1x8,1X16, 2x4,2x8 & 2x16 PLC steel tube splitter.

Rainfall resistant, outdoor using.

Can load 24pcs LC, FC, ST, SC … adapters.

Wall mounting and pole mounting application.

2pcs cable entry ports;

24pcs exit ports for FTTH drop cable.



Size: 274.3x313.4x114.1mm

Capacity: Max. 24fibers

Can load max.2pcs 8way splitter box

Can load max.24pcs SC simplex, FC simplex, LC duplex … adapters

Main Parameters:

Operate temperature:-5℃+40℃ 

Relative humidity:≤90%(+30℃) 
Atmospheric pressure: 70Kpa-106Kpa
Storage Temperature:-40℃+70℃
Optical parameter: Insertion loss≤0.3dB;
Excess loss:≤0.2B;
Return loss≥50dB

IP standard:IP55



FTTH access network.

Telecommunication Networks

CATV Networks

Data communications Networks