Name:Horizontal Fibe Splicer Closure
Material:ABS, PP, PC
Maximum Cores:144 (Single Core)
Maximum Trays:4 Tray
Cable Ports:2 in 2 out
Protection Level:IP68

Product Description

High quality horizontal type optical fiber closure from China supplier. 

Inline type,max for 2 cables inlet and outlet,max 4 trays&144 cores, featuring max 24 pcs adapter ports in FTTH architectures.The closure can be used in direct buried,manhole,aerial,pipeline..etc. Two cable ports in every side.Max 4 trays&144 cores.Made by PP and ABS material.Fiber optic adaptors can be installed inside,used in FTTH and other newwork projects. 2in and 2 out.


Performance Feature:


1. Protection grade:IP68

2. Material:PP,ABS(first hand raw material)

3. Number of cable ports: 2 in and 2 out

4. Maximum Trays: 4 trays

5. Maximum Cores:144(singlel core)

6. Dimension (HxD):

7. Package material:Carton

8. Weight:2.5-3.0Kg

9. Cable diameter range:

10. Sealing way of cables:Mechanical seaing by rubber

11. Quality warrenty:2 years

12. Life span:more than 25 years






FTTH project,direct buried,manhole,aerial,pipe line..etc




No.of ports

Cable range

 Max trays


Max Capacity



2 in and 2out





Competitive Advantage:


Easy & fast installation with no special tools.

Superior sealing performance(free sample for testing)

The closure can be repeatly used many times.

Enough space for surplus fibers inside the closure

Flexible branching for fibers

Loose leaf type of splice tray fixing,easy operation

Modular fiber management system