Name:SFP BiDi
Data Rate:155M/622M/1.25G/2.5G/4G
Wavelength:1310nm/1550nm, 1310nm/1490nm, 1490nm/1550nm
Fiber Types:Single Mode (SM)
Fiber Connector:Single SC/LC
Transmission Distance:3km, 20km, 40km, 80km, 120km
Laser Type:Long-wavelength DFB Laser diode
DDM Function:With or without both available
Compatible Brands:Cisco, Finisar, HP, Alctel-Lucent, Juniper, Noterl…

Product Description

Bi-directional (BIDI) Small Form Factor Pluggable (SFP) transceiver module series is specifically designed for the high performance integrated duplex data link over a single optical fiber. These transceiver modules are compliant with the SFP Multisource Agreement (MSA). Single LC or SC pluggable optical interfaces alternative; hot-pluggable; low power consumption; support digital diagnosis function; the metal shell shielding electromagnetic interference; in line with the RoHS standard; wide compatibility; operating temperature range: 0 DEG -70 DEG -40 DEG --80 DEG Olinkphotonics provides BIDI SFP optical module using single fiber bidirectional transmission scenario range the support rate, covered by the 2.67Gb/s, the maximum distance covered by the 120km.


Performance Feature:

1, SFP Multi-Source Agreement compliant

2, Class 1 laser safety standard IEC 825 compliant

3, Low power dissipation

4, Support hot-pluggable Metal with lower EMI

5, Excellent ESD protection

6, XFP MSA compliant

7, RoHS Compliant and Lead-Free

8, Compliant with IEEE 802.3ae

9, ITU-T G.959, G.691 compliant

10, GR-253-CORE compliant

11, SFP MSA package BIDI SC/ LC

12, +3.3V single power supply


Application of BIDI SFP Transceiver

FTTH, FTTX, ATM/SONET, SDH, Ethernet, Fiber Channel

High speed I/O bus extension, systems interconnects

Data Communication for SAN and LAN

Routers and switches, computer cluster cross-connect

Industrial control links and media converters


Quality Certification:

Good Anti-electromagnetic interference (EMI)

Good Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) which is in accordance with FCC Part15.

Meets ISO9001, TUV, CE, FCC, CAS, UL and RoHS certificate

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